Autumn in Nevada City

Nevada City is famous for its vibrant autumn colors. It is a small and quaint town that sits in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. Nevada City is surrounded by majestic conifer forests and scattered oak woodlands. I personally consider Nevada City a spiritual community because of its tranquil nature, strong sense of community, earthy residents, organic lifestyles and breath-taking vistas. The town abounds with creative people. We are fortunate to have many organic farmers nearby and local produce always in season. Summer fruits, berries and squashes are gradually transitioning to winter fare. For the autumn, our local farmers usher in fresh, delicious produce at our local outdoor markets.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. The days are pleasant, fresh and the weather begins to cool off after a long hot summer. This time of the year the elegant maple trees, sweet gum, birches and some oaks begin to change to spectacular reds, oranges and yellows. Our town transforms into a vibrant breath-taking mixture of colors. I can never have enough of this natural beauty in display. I pinch myself at the natural beauty of my environment each time I drive to or from my home. Nevada City in autumn is a must see destination for visitors from afar and near.

Before moving to the United States, I lived my entire life in the tropics. California is the first place I have lived where I experienced changing of the seasons (In Nigeria and Uganda it either rained or it did not). My first trips to Europe and the U.S. were at Christmas (too cold!) or summer (too hot!). Thereafter I confined myself to traveling in spring or fall. But while I had seen the different seasons I had never felt the dramatic changes as days shorten and leaves turn colors. Enjoy with me the colors of my small town.