From time to time we offer vintage Nigerian textiles from the first half of the 20th century. Few textile dyers today are willing to put in the many days required to produce a single textile with such detailed design and patterns. Vintage early to mid-century Nigerian textiles in exceptional condition are very rare.

Vintage Adire Eleko were made with resistance-dye techniques using hand-painted cotton cloth that is then dipped in natural indigo dyes. The detail in the designs and richness of the indigo in older textiles are rarely found in modern designs. Adire eleko serve as beautiful attire and utility cloths.

Vintage Aso-oke textiles were woven with handspun natural cotton with silk or cotton embroidery. The brown colors commonly found in older textiles were produced with natural brown cotton or plant dyes. These pieces were commonly used in producing beautiful robes and other pieces of attire, with the finest materials produced for the Nigerian royal class.