Sustainable Luxury

Nzuri is a boutique textile studio and ethically-conscious luxury label. We take pride in producing beautiful textiles in small batches with environmentally conscious and sustainable means. Our materials are locally sourced and our dyes are locally produced. Our indigo is grown in the same workshops where the dye is extracted and our textiles designs developed.

We believe that each piece should tell a story. A beautiful textile uses the finest materials and craftsmanship. Our designs are original, versatile, timeless and made to become treasures. One should be able to admire the handwork behind the weaving and the design in each textile. These are the standards behind Nzuri’s textiles for home decor and accessories.

Wisdom does not come overnight – African proverb

Nzuri believes in the preservation and the integrity of small industries and traditional techniques of craftsmanship. Authentic handwoven textiles are fundamental to the cultural identity of many peoples. Our partnerships with our artisans provide new opportunities, enhances self-sufficiency and works to empower local entrepreneurship.

In our designs the human hand defines authenticity.

Africa has a long history of producing fine textiles. We work with renowned weavers and highly skilled artisans to produce extraordinary handcrafted textiles using time-honored techniques. We blend traditional African motifs with modern aesthetics to create understated and expertly woven designs. The quality of our weaving is among the finest work to come out of contemporary Africa.

Mongolia is renowned for producing the finest cashmere in the world. We work with an ecologically-conscious small company that is internationally certified for their use of sustainable methods. Our Grade A cashmere fiber is sourced from local herders who employ eologically-approved methods in maintaining their herds. We wish to contribute to the preservation of this long-standing tradition by finishing our cashmere collection exclusively in Mongolia.

Made in the USA, our collection of hand-painted print textiles features original artwork expertly hand-drawn. The unique designs, characterized by rich complexity and intricate detail, are derived in patterns found in vintage textiles and classical African motifs - yet are unmistakably contemporary.

Our new collections of Woven Textiles are produced on antique looms in a small artisanal European family-owned mill. Our first collections are derived from the original artwork for YANKARI in Harmattan and LIMURU in Harvest, beautifully interpreted onto woven cloth.