Carefully Crafted Textiles

I grew up in Nigeria, a country renowned for its fine textiles and arts. Local workshops with skilled artisans and craftsmen were found in close proximity to my home and throughout the country. Colorful and beautiful handmade textiles have long been an important part of Nigerian culture. Both men and women wear richly detailed, colorful clothes with the most intricate designs reserved for special occasions. Each region has distinct styles, all of which can be said to be equally beautiful. Nigerians are a proud people and no prouder than when wearing beautiful traditional attire for special occasions such as when meeting Queen Elizabeth II.

My deep love and appreciation for authentic handmade carefully-crafted textiles resulted in my developing relationships with weavers and textile artists in Nigeria, then elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa and indeed many parts of the world. This, in turn, led to the creation of Nzuri Textiles. Nzuri Textiles work with a team of renowned West African female designers and artisans who are also the owners of their workshops.

Many of my travels were to textile producing areas and important parts of these trips were to visit artisans and their workshops. Along the way, I have been fortunate to meet with renowned artists and craftsmen in settings ranging from their workshops to their homes to their galleries and shops. One of the most celebrated Nigerian artists is the amazing Nike Okundaye. Nike is internationally famous, a cultural icon and considered a national treasure. For me, she is a role model and one of my most important mentors.

In my travels I have also been fortunate to meet with many local backstrap weavers who provide wonderful textiles to their communities. I enjoyed meeting with them and learning first hand about traditional techniques and the folklore behind their products and designs; their love for their work; and their dedication to pass on valued skills to the next generation.

All of my textiles are hand-made and produced in small quantities. We source locally grown indigenous cotton, use locally made dyes and finish our pillows within our workshops. As such, we add value where our products are made. In every step of the production process is a story, our love for handmade and pride in superior craftsmanship. I hope that you find our finished products beautiful.

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