Holiday Season Handcrafts Market

The holiday handcrafts fairs have begun with an array of exquisite and carefully made products to view and buy. The Nevada City area is home to a large community of skilled artists and craftsmen. Their works are creative and amazing. They produce a wide range of original one of a kind products including ceramics; hand-painted or hand-dyed Christmas ornaments; woodwork; dolls and textiles. The work is time-consuming and painstaking. The results are unique, beautiful and delicate works of art. I love going to the fairs, meeting with these amazing craftsmen and women, learning about their techniques and getting to know each one of them and the love and passion they put in their work. It is always fun viewing their wares and looking for special pieces as gifts and for my own home.

One of the highlight of this years first crafts fair in Nevada City included hand-painted gourds in incredible detail. I could not resist this work and a beautiful green gourd with Christmas berries is now a center piece in my living room holiday display. I also was intrigued by the cast and resist-dyed ornaments. No two are the same and these are truly one of a kind and original. A pleasant contrast to what I have seen in stores.

In a world of mass produced products, Nevada City has retained and support its community of renowned artisans and small entrepreneurs. A tranquil and natural environment, an ideal place to dream and be creative. A great place for the rest of us to find those special pieces for gifts and to add to our holiday displays and collection. The result is a well-lived home with thoughtfully collected items that we can all cherish.