Meeting with a Master Artisan in Thailand

In August I visited Thailand for the first time after many years. I was fortunate to meet with one of Thailand’s master basket weavers Khru Chalor Thontongkam in her workshop in Bann Kom, Lop Buri province in north of Bangkok. Bann Kom is renowned as a weaving center and agricultural area with traditional skills passed down across generations.

I visited The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand that is sponsored by the Royal family of Thailand. I came across some of her work on display at the exhibition center. I was impressed by her work and her weaving technique and asked if a meeting might be arranged to visit her workshop. She was pleased to meet us. She showed us some of her current and unfinished projects and demonstrated her technique.

Khru Chalor Thontongkam is known for her intricate weaving technique using organic bamboo, teak and rattan. All of her material is locally sourced within the area. Her elegant baskets are highly sort after and promoted by the Royal Family of Thailand to preserve this unique traditional form of craftsmanship. Some of her baskets are use as elegant picnic baskets, container and as decorative accessories for the home.