The Making of Our Cashmere Products

My appreciation for cashmere began on a trip to Europe. This was in the late fall and early winter. I discovered how important it was for me to keep warm. I found heavy coats to be bulky and uncomfortable. So I bought two nice shawls, one alpaca and one cashmere. Alpaca was nice. Cashmere was wonderful. I instantly fell in love with its fluffy soft texture, its incredible insulation and how warm it kept me. It is truly luxurious.

I began to learn about cashmere. Cashmere is warmer than sheep wool and it is hypoallergenic (it does not itch). Mongolia is renowned for its superb cashmere, perhaps the finest in the world. For centuries shepherds managed their cashmere goat herds along the harsh steppes in the highlands of Mongolia. The frigid winter months are ideal for the formation of downy cashmere undercoat on the belly of the mountain goats. During spring the goats shed its soft underfleece cashmere and the shearing months begin. The rarity of fine cashmere, the small amount of Grade A cashmere produced by each goat and the quantity of cashmere required to produce a cashmere shawl or a throw, makes these textiles truly special.

Our cashmere products are designed in our studio, and are made in small batches and exclusively in Mongolia using Grade A cashmere. Nzuri emphasizes green production standards that are sustainable, responsible and ethical. Our Mongolian partner is aligned with the Fiber Alliance in England and the Swiss-funded Green Gold to assure sustainable production methods, reverse desertification, avoid overgrazing and minimal impact on the environment. Our herders use clean energy, employ hand methods for shearing and treat their herds with respect and appreciation.

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