The Process of Producing Nzuri's Adire Textile Collections

Nigeria is renowned for its outstanding textiles. Well into the 20th century, Nigerian textile artisans spend months creating meticulous hand-painted textiles that are indeed works of art. Today, with changing cultural and economic times, fewer artisans are willing to master this craft and spend the requisite time to create fine pieces.

The process of producing carefully finished handcrafted indigo textiles is time consuming. The exceptional color of the natural indigo and the stunning detail of a traditional design makes these pieces truly masterpieces. The artisan hand-paints cotton cloth with a cassava paste. The painted cloth is then dipped into baths of natural indigo, dying the cloth around the painted designs a beautiful blue. The skilled artisan controls the depth of the blue color by the number of times the textile is immersed in the indigo vat.

Adire textiles has been used for centuries as an important form of clothing for men, women and children. Today Adire textiles are still used for clothing as well as valued pieces for home decor, table linens and decorative textiles.

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